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July 2015

Night night

Hat stitching 1

I promised a blog series, and then life caught up with me and far too much business in between all of the stitching.  So the blog series will begin in August... I promise!

It will be a stitching for beginners series where I will try to cover all the questions I am asked and show the tools and materials that I like to use along with a little free stitching pattern.

Night night main pic

I did manage to get the night night embroidery pattern finished and it is in my shop today

I have christmas ideas in my head (quite difficult in August) that I am hoping to get out and into a pattern next month.

I also have a possible way of getting the patterns onto fabric which will mean that the kits will return and hopefully multiply in September... but I have to try it out first, so fingers crossed.


but July was mostly taken up with this sleepy time pattern, lots of performances to go and see and a week long holiday to see family.   Oh yes!  and the tiniest bit of sea swimming... the coldest I think I have ever known it!  

I think August will be quieter and more settled but hopefully with more (warmer) sea swimming too.

I hope you are enjoying your season (whichever it may be)


VAT for European customers

2 patterns

A bit of a dull post today, especially if you are not from an EU country!  

Etsy now has to add VAT onto all digital download sales to EU countries, including the UK.  This does not apply to patterns that I email out to the customer.

This means that if you are from an EU country it is to your advantage to buy a pattern packet even though you may have to wait up to 24 hours to receive it.

The pattern packets are a bit cheaper than buying the patterns individually and I have just added one for buying two patterns.

It works like this:

first choose your patterns

Next buy the correct pattern packet (2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 patterns)

leave me a message with your order telling me which patterns you would like

I will send the patterns out as soon as I see your order.  Usually this is very quick but I am not at my computer all day so I check the orders in the morning, about 8.30ish, at lunchtime (1ish) and in the evening at about 6pm.

On a Sunday I usually only check in the morning (a little later than 8.30!) and again in the evening.

I always send the patterns out as soon as I see the order.

At the moment a single pattern will have VAT on it as they are direct downloads that you receive immediately.

I hope this helps

and here is the link to the pattern packets 

they are in the special offers section of the shop.

Back soon with a beginner stitcher series that has been a little slow in starting!



on my work table

Today 001

Today is just one of those muddly days when I can't really settle to anything.  I spent the morning photographing my embroidery stuff for a series of blog posts for beginners starting next Friday.  Then I started sketching from my long long list of ideas for patterns but then I got restless and switched to reading

Today 2

so I drifted off looking at flower paintings.  I am loving reading about the crazy tulipmania in the Netherlands in the 17th century, breaking into people's greenhouses and stealing their bulbs, not to mention bulbs worth 17 years of a carpenter's wage!!  

But mostly I just love Flemish Art.  

The British book has some nice botanical paintings too but the stories aren't quite so dramatic!

Finally, towards the end of the day I found my ink and pens as I was tidying

Today 3

and started doodling... but then the children came back from their sea swimming and the house filled up with noise and wet clothes and towels and hunger... 

And now it's quiet for a short while, children fed and most of the wet stuff drying.  So a little time to procrastinate on the internet.


Friday tutorials - lavender girls - putting it all together


What you need to turn them into lavender girls:

an embroidered girl on a 16cm x 8cm rectangle of linen or cotton

a backing piece in the fabric of your choice 16cm x 8cm (I use the same fabric as the dress)

toy stuffing or kapok

dried lavender

string or ribbon to hang her up


Take your printed backing piece and place it right side up on the table.  Mark the centre of the top (short edge).  Place your folded piece of string (loop facing down as in the picture).


Next place your embroidered piece on top of the backing fabric with the right side facing down


At this point I stitch a few times backwards and forwards over the string to fix the string loop in place.

3 sides

stitch around three sides (leaving the bottom open for turning).  Use about a 1cm seam allowance.

Turn and stuff collage

clip the corners close (but not too close to the stitching).  Turn the girl the right way around and press her gently.  

To stuff the girl use small amounts of toy stuffing layering it with the dried lavender.  I use about 3 teaspoons of lavender.  Stuff her quite firmly then turn the hem under and slip stitch the bottom closed.

Final lavender girls

Your lavender girl is finished.

All these instructions are included in the pattern which is available here

these make sweet little presents 

or you could stitch her onto a book cover or a little purse.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial 


lavender girls tutorial part 1

lavender girls tutorial part 2

lavender girls tutorial part 3