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VAT for European customers

on my work table

Today 001

Today is just one of those muddly days when I can't really settle to anything.  I spent the morning photographing my embroidery stuff for a series of blog posts for beginners starting next Friday.  Then I started sketching from my long long list of ideas for patterns but then I got restless and switched to reading

Today 2

so I drifted off looking at flower paintings.  I am loving reading about the crazy tulipmania in the Netherlands in the 17th century, breaking into people's greenhouses and stealing their bulbs, not to mention bulbs worth 17 years of a carpenter's wage!!  

But mostly I just love Flemish Art.  

The British book has some nice botanical paintings too but the stories aren't quite so dramatic!

Finally, towards the end of the day I found my ink and pens as I was tidying

Today 3

and started doodling... but then the children came back from their sea swimming and the house filled up with noise and wet clothes and towels and hunger... 

And now it's quiet for a short while, children fed and most of the wet stuff drying.  So a little time to procrastinate on the internet.