Beginning stitching - transfer your pattern
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beginning stitching - stitching

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So you have gathered your materials and traced the pattern and you've chosen your colours.

Now it's time to start stitching.

This post has quite a few links to other tutorials for the actual stitches but a short note about beginnings and endings

Beginnings 1

when you take your first stitch leave a tail about as long as your needle

this will be woven into the back of your stitching as you stitch

Weavings beginnings

You just catch the tail on the back of your work as you stitch your first few stitches as above.

Weaving collage

when you finish make sure you have a couple of inches of thread left and weave the thread through the back of your stitches as above.

Back stitch

I have tutorials for the following stitches on the blog, just click on the stitch to be transported


chain stitch

french knots

I also have posts on how I applique the dresses

 if you are making lavender girls I have a tutorial in two parts here and here

and if you want to frame your embroidery in a hoop here is a tutorial

I will be doing more stitch tutorials on Tuesdays beginning next week with stem stitch.

I also really recommend these you tube videos made by the fabulous sublime stitching