open cretan stitch
Busy days... christmas is coming

Jacobean couching and a christmas tree

Blue green main pic

'putting up the tree' christmas embroidery pattern is finally finished!  

Lots of stitches in the tree and there is a separate pattern with just the tree

There are lots of notes and a guide for the more unusual stitches

It's available in my shop 

So I thought I would pop a tutorial for the Jacobean couching stitch here

Jacobean couching 2

 I love the look of this stitch, like a sort of garden trellis or those old leaded windows.  And it's really very simple

Jacobean couching 1

You can see that I have marked a diagonal grid pattern, so first do all the stitches in one direction as above

Jacobean couching 1a

Then make your stitches in the opposite direction crossing the ones underneath

Jacobean couching 2

finally pop a little stitch in a contrasting colour over each point where the purple threads cross

simple but effective

Tomorrow is the last of the stitches, the sheaf stitch.