Jacobean couching and a christmas tree
a project in kindred stitches

Busy days... christmas is coming

Back stitch

Oh gosh!  It's that time of year again!  No blogging, lots of secret commission work, lots of autumnal home education while the weather is wetter.  So I thought I would share some pics of something I've been working on that isn't a secret

Friends wip

This best friends stitchery is going to be available as a kit next week.  I've designed it to be framed in the hoop but I'm thinking it would also look nice as the central panel of a small cushion.  

Friends heads together

I'm probably going to release it as a pattern as well but with a warning that it has been adapted from the three girls pattern.  The girl on the right has been changed.

Friends full

The kit will be available with or without a hoop and perhaps as a panel on it's own to embroider.

It doesn't have lilipopo embroidery written on it!

Fairy cushion Collage

There are also tooth fairy cushion kits in the shop.  Or if you prefer to choose your own materials the pattern and tutorial for making them.

I have one last lavender girl kit in the shop but I have run out of liberty fabric for one of the lavender girls and I can't find it anymore so I will be changing the fabric over the next week or so and then the girls will be back in stock.

Back to stitching and sketching and educating...