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how to mount mini embroideries

Mini frame finished

Today I'm sharing a quick guide to framing your tiny embroidery in your mini frame

It really is very simple.

First of all you will need:

your embroidered piece

a piece of felt (about the size of the pendant/frame)

a piece of bondaweb (the same size)

embroidery thread or other thick thread

a needle with a large enough eye for six strands of thread

ribbon to hang it


Blog mini frames 0

I placed the pendant over my embroidery (making sure I had it nicely centred) then drew around the pendant.  Next I cut the circle (ish) shape out.

I used the embroidered piece as a template and cut the bondaweb and felt to the same size and then ironed the embroidery to the felt using the bondaweb (creating a sandwich)

Mini frame 2.5

Next I popped the frame over the embroidery/felt sandwich and used my frixion pen to mark all the holes (make sure it has marked on the linen).  Again make certain that the embroidery is sitting exactly as you want it.

Mini frame 1

You should be left with a nice circle all the way around the embroidery

Mini frame 2

Next trim your linen/felt sandwich to about 0.5cm outside the marks as above

Mini frame 3

Finally the stitching

I left a tail at the back of about 2cm and brought the thread through to the front.  Work in a back stitch and catch the tail at the back of the work so it is woven into the back of your stitches.  Once you get to the end of the stitching weave your thread end back through a few stitches and cut.  This leaves the back nice and neat.

This girl's head has rounded ears in the final pattern and these are the colours 

I used 

DMC 452 light brown

Anchor 381 dark brown

There will be a super giveaway here in connection with this pattern coming soon



mini designs for mini frames


Quite some time ago (before christmas) I was contacted by Shelby from Ewoodstory to see if I would like to create something using their lovely frames and pendants.  I loved the idea and Shelby sent me some frames to try out.


aren't they gorgeous?

she also sent the sweetest little wooden flowers, a bit like sequins with a central hole so you can stitch them on with a bead.

Wooden flowers

I plan to use these in a very different sort of project later in the month

So, back to the frames...

As I doodled ideas into my sketch book I realized that there were lots of things I would quite like to fit into these little frames

beginning with little heads

Girl c 2

I love the shape of the oval half n half pendant

and then moving onto flowers

Vase of flowers whole

In the end I came up with eleven tiny patterns (between one and two inches tall)  with tiny stitches.

Main collage

and the pattern that includes all these designs is over in my shop 

Tomorrow I will pop a tutorial on here to show how I attached the finished embroideries to the pendants.


a little freebie for my lovely blog readers

I often get asked about colouring in pages by people and I have noticed the rise and rise and rise of adult colouring in books.

We even have a copy of this one

and I do have quite a lot of suitable drawings in my sketchbooks

so ...

Colouring freebie

I've sketched a colouring in picture for you and created a pdf so that you can (hopefully) access it easily

over here

I've just added a valentine version with a few hanging hearts 

over here

Please download it and colour it in as many times as you like

Please don't sell the image on or share it on the internet.

I would recommend pencil crayons because printer ink has a tendency to smudge with anything wet!

I copied it onto white premium printer paper (Rymans) but I think it would be nice printed onto off white or cream too

If you have any trouble accessing the file just message me at and I will try to sort it out for you

Happy colouring


ideas, details and questions

Blog two

I spent a lot of time on trains last year so I have an awful lot of sketches but most of them don't make it to be embroidery patterns because I just love a bit of detail, detail that I suspect most people might not want to trace onto fabric.

But it seems I may be wrong

Blog one

yesterday I shared this drawing on instagram and facebook and was surprised to see that some of my lovely followers would like to see it as a pattern.  I am curious to know how you feel about lots of tracing.

Are you happy to do lots of tracing?

Do you always trace all the lines or do you copy the picture sometimes rather than trace the whole thing?

Do you print the pattern directly onto the fabric?

Would you prefer something more complex already printed onto cotton so you can just start stitching?

I love the idea of stitching a whole picture, perhaps for framing so I think this will be my next project after my mini frame patterns are finished.

Next week I have a little freebie for the colouring in fans among you as a thankyou for a wonderful year last year.