sulky solvi part two
colour and threads

on my work table

Flowers blog

at the moment I am slowly slowly stitching a girl with flowers on her mind.  Reading 'mrs Dalloway', on her way to buy flowers, popped the idea into my mind.  I love the idea of her being stitched in greys with all the flowers around her.  But I'm also torn about whether to give her an applique dress so I may have to include both options.

Flowers so far blog

I'm also torn about the flowers.  I'm filling them in at the moment but I really like them outlined with just the french knot centres so I may do both versions of that too.  I think this pattern may take a little while to finish, I know I need to stitch another one and photograph the processes for all the different flowers.  I am very much making it up as I go along and thoroughly enjoying it.  That long short stitch has snuck in again for her hat.  I just love the knitted texture that it gives.

I do have another pattern on the go but no pictures yet.  It will have to stay secret for a few more days.

Printed fabric panel

I have also finally sorted out some wonky sheds printed onto fabric.  There are only a couple in my etsy shop at the moment but I will be ordering more next week if you miss out.

Now I think a little more sketching and stitching while I listen to the wonderful Melvyn Bragg telling me how great the North of England is but of course I already knew how great it is.