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What's in my shop?

Full winter dream

I've discovered that sometimes there's a little confusion about what the different items in my shop are.  I do try to be as clear as I can but sometimes what I might think is clear can be confusing to someone else so today's post is just to clarify the different items that I sell.

Mushroom pixie lower

Firstly I sell PDF embroidery patterns.  These are the cheapest option.  You buy the pattern as an instant download and Etsy send an email with the pattern link and you then download it straight to your computer.  You will then need to print the design and trace it onto your fabric, I have instructions for transferring the design here.  The PDF contains the pattern, the pattern in reverse and a stitch and colour guide.  


You can also buy 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 patterns together for a slightly cheaper price in my special offers section (I wasn't sure what else to call it!).  If you want, for example, 3 different patterns, you can buy the three pattern packet and send a message to me to let me know which patterns you would like.  I will then email the patterns to you within 24 hours.  Sometimes I am superquick because I am at my computer but sometimes I am a little slower because I am in bed and you are in Australia but it should never take longer than 24 hours.  These packets are not instant download as I need to email your particular choices out to you.

Sampler etsy

Next I sell fabric panels with the design printed onto them for you to stitch.  I honestly don't know what to call these!  I have called them samplers and fabric panels but nothing describes exactly what they are.  If you choose this option it is a little more expensive, especially if you are ordering from outside the UK as it has to be posted but you don't have to do any transferring.  You can start stitching the moment it arrives.  You can choose to order the panel with or without the PDF, so if you know how you want to stitch it and what colours you want to use you probably won't need the PDF but if you want to follow the colours and stitches that I used then you will need the PDF.  Again the PDF is emailed to you.  At the moment I have four fabric panels  available but I will be increasing this number

Yellow kit photo

Finally I sell kits, these contain everything you need to stitch the finished product.  You can choose whether to include a hoop or not depending on whether you already have a suitable one.  By the end of the week I will have all the lavender girl kits back in stock along with winter dream, friends and fairy cushion.  But they do tend to sell quite quickly and it takes a little time to gather all the materials together again to relist them.  If there's a kit you especially want please feel free to message me and I will see what I can do.

I'm hoping that I have covered everything here but if you have any other questions about ordering from my shop or my products please do ask in the comments and I will, hopefully, be able to answer