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a little catch up


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The clutter I normally work in!  But the past few weeks have been much tidier.  Tax time of year is not nearly as pretty as stitching and sketching time.  Unfortunately my work has been a lot slower this month due to a pesky shoulder bursitis that just does not want to leave.  Staying in one position for too long is really not comfortable.  But I have managed to get a lot of sunny walks in watching the heron chicks and super aggressive swan at Marazion marshes with my son.

Embroidery tools

You may have noticed a box at the side of my blog for signing up for a newsletter!  I am shortly going to produce and send out my first ever newsletter.  I receive a lot of messages asking when certain items are going to be in stock and some of the kits do sell out very quickly so... I will be sending out a newsletter whenever I have new stock of kits and samplers or a new pattern.  This means that newsletter subscribers will hear about new stock first.  

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I will have 'night night' printed on fabric and also 'unicorn' along with a caravan.  Also there will be more lavender girl kits.  I was planning for the newsletter to go out in mid May but it may be a week later.

I will pop the new 'night night' colourway on the blog next week for anyone who has the pattern and would like the colour list.

Now for shopping and cooking and all of those things

Have a lovely weekend