Stitching printed fabric panels
How many strands?

peaceful stitching


I have been working on this meditation design over the last month and doing very little other work except what was necessary.  The reason for this is a shoulder that won't work properly, it's been months!  But this week I think the cause of the problem has been found and I can, very slowly, start to get the full use of my arm back and (more importantly) lose the pain!

So a calm meditative embroidery design seemed very fitting, especially coupled with everything else that is going on in the world right now.  

I can't help feeling that this quote from the Dalai Llama could be true

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Dalai Lama

Perhaps we could teach them all quiet stitching at the same time.

My own meditation practice is taking place in a chair or lying down at the moment but I'm hoping to get back to cross legged soon.

Meditation main pic

And this is the finished pattern.  I've loved drawing and stitching this one, I've already made three versions I think I'm going to make a small buckwheat and lavender cushion with one which I will share here when I do it.  One of the others is going onto a tote bag (we never have enough shopping bags!!) and the last one will stay framed in the hoop I think.

I have included detailed notes for this colour way and then additional lists of colours for the other two.

It uses quite a few stitches but they are all simple ones.  You can get hold of my basic stitch guide here but it does also come with the pattern (or any of my patterns).

I will be listing a sampler for this one next month when print me pretty are back to print them.  I think I will also have kits in the autumn.

Natural colourway

This is the third colourway (with strange bendy flowers at the side (I think I stretched the fabric when I was tracing!) but I love these natural colours so I've included the colours in the pattern.

I used chain stitch for her hair.  It's not a stitch I use very often but I like the effect, a bit like braiding.

The pattern is available over in my Etsy shop

Meditation with instructions

I am hoping to be able to get back to more stitching and experimenting in July so that I have more to write about here but it's also a month of BIG birthdays and WOMAD and summer holidays with the whole family at home for a little while (even our recently graduated son before he goes out into the world!) so I will try but if the sun comes out and the sea looks inviting we may be on the beach!

I hope you are having a beautiful summer (or winter if you are in opposite lands) with lots of stitching