tips on filling spaces with backstitch
embroidered butterfly needlebook tutorial and free pattern (part one)

autumnal wanderings and a Kitty embroidery pattern

Flowers and leaves

We have just had a little break in Lincolnshire visiting our families.  I love going up in the autumn because it is so very autumnal up there.  There are so many trees and my mum's garden is full of apples and pears and dahlias.  All very inspiring to an absolute non gardener!

Wonky shed for real

I also love the wonky shed in the corner of her millenium garden.  Great inspiration for sketching and stitching.  Cornwall is very beautiful but our little corner is moorland, dunes and windswept beaches in the autumn.

Autumn girl

and at the end of it all I came home to autumnal dog walks along the sea shore with my autumnal girl.  I think I have enough flowery inspiration to keep me going for a while

Full stitching

when I got back I got on with some stitching and pattern writing

Full line stitch

and did a second stitching in a simpler quicker form (without the filler stitching)

so today I have listed this little kitten lover over in my Etsy shop where you can also find (at the time of writing this post) lavender girl kits and flower gardener samplers back in stock

Flower gardener collage

Lilipopo lavender girl embroidery

Now to go find a pumpkin for us to carve