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March meet the maker

March but not spring!


March has arrived and spring really should have sprung here in Cornwall.  It was definitely on its way towards the end of February 


This is the magnolia in our local park (Morrab Gardens) in full and beautiful bloom against a blue blue sky.  For me this always means that spring has arrived but this year is a very strange one because two days ago this happened


We almost NEVER get snow in Penzance, it has been years since we last saw proper snow.  So even though the weather warnings were out there we still didn't expect it.  Two days of proper thick sledging, snowman building snow.  I'm so glad that we made the most of it because this morning we woke up to grey wet and not a sign that it had ever snowed.  Although it's still pretty chilly!  A very exciting blip in our year!

Hopefully the grey will lift and we will be left with my idea of March, full of spring flowers and sunshine.

IMG_5798 (1)

I've loved using chain stitch for the lettering on this personal piece this week.  I have had quite a few commissioned pieces to stitch with names on them and I'm finding chain stitch a great way to stitch letters, especially joined up writing.  It's a very satisfying stitch once you get into a rhythm.  It has taken me a long time to find my rhythm with chain stitch but sometimes that's just how it is and now it feels worth the struggle.

I have lots of plans for March, probably more than can actually be done in March but we'll see.  I have begun two new patterns that I'm working on at the same time one with birds and birdhouses and also flowers in my hair which I sketched and began last year but it got put away for a while.  I will share pictures of my progress here as I go.  There will be kits and samplers back in stock later this month too.  And there's some painting and drawing going on too.

Do you have your March plans ready (the nice crafty stitchy ones) I would love to hear about your projects and your weather as I know you don't all live in the UK!

Have a lovely stitchy weekend