March but not spring!
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March meet the maker


I don't normally like to begin my blog post with a huge picture of me but this month I have been taking part in instagram's #meetthemaker (my instagram account is @lilipoposketches) and so I decided to come out from the shadows and share a little about myself.

My name is Kate and I do all of the things at LiliPopo.  The name came from my daughter (many years ago when she was only nine) mixing my middle name and surname up together and we both thought it suited the first design that I sold.

Still stitching

she wasn't the first girl that I stitched but she was the first pattern that I sold and she is still there in my shop.  She also got featured in Mollie Makes magazine so she is still very important to me.

As some of you will know I was home educating for more years than I care to remember and while I was doing that I was drawing and stitching.  These things go back to my childhood as we always had paper and pencils, especially on rainy days.  I still think they are the best boredom busters on rainy days.  I started sharing pictures of my stitching on flickr and opened a folksy shop selling little purses with simple embroideries on them.  Other stitchers began to ask if I sold patterns so I looked into how to go about it, took a little advice from my partner and eldest son on how to use Adobe illustrator and set up my Etsy shop.  


At the moment this is my workspace, although the stitching tends to happen wherever there is a comfy seat and someone to listen to chatting away (usually my daughter, teenage life is so much better than a soap opera).  This is about as tidy as my space has ever been as I am usually quite a messy worker (I always thought I would be a tidy worker).


The next prompt is all about routine so I may share that next week, a sort of day in the life of...

If you pop over to instagram and have a look at the hashtag #marchmeetthemaker there are lots of lovely makers sharing their workspaces, routines and stories, a nice way to while away a little spare time.