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June 2018


I've been busy over the last few weeks with a lot of admin type work and testing out printed panels but in between all of that I have been doing a little bit of sketching and this little pattern came out of it all.  Butterfly girls is two embroidery patterns that would sit together nicely in either a 5" or a 6" frame (I've shown both in the picture).  I've kept the stitching deliberately simple so the most difficult stitch is a french knot, most of the rest is back stitch, satin stitch or couching and a little bit of fern stitch.


I tried out a few colourways for this pattern but in the end I liked these muted soft colours the most so both patterns share most of the colours.  This one is a little more rose pink


and this one has more of a blue green feel to it.  I loved keeping the girl simple so I could get carried away with all the flowers and butterflies.  I just love embellishing.  I did stop myself though so it's not too busy (I hope!).

The butterfly girl pattern is available in my Etsy shop over here

Now I'm thinking about winter patterns, which seems so strange when summer feels as though it's only just beginning.  I find it easier to work in the late evenings so I can forget the season I am in for a while as it's still quite cool here in the evenings.  It's difficult for me to think of anything but flowers at the moment!  Perhaps I will try knitting something, that always feels a bit wintry.

I'm looking forward to this weekend as it is our  Golowan festival which is always full of lots of inspiring costumes and creatures in the processions through the town along with lots of lovely stalls and music and it looks like sunshine too!

But my very favourite part is the Serpent dance late tonight after the fire works with the slightly scary 'oss.

So I will be dancing tonight and enjoying the sunshine tomorrow (hopefully).  I hope you have some lovely weekend plans too whether you are in Summer or Winter.



A weekend holiday


This weekend was my middle 6ft3 'child's' 21st birthday.  I only have one left under 18 and not for very much longer!  We hired a car (we don't have a car, we love walking, trains and bikes usually) and took local trips that we can't always do.  Saturday was spent at Sennen beach with a surfboard, body boards and an evening picnic with friends watching the sun go down over the sea.  A beautiful way to spend the evening before his birthday.


Sunday afternoon (the poor boy had to work in the morning, saving for college) was spent at the most beautiful place in the whole of Cornwall (well we think so), Nanjizal cove.  It even has a beautiful name! Lovely family time and lemon drizzle birthday cake.


There are flowers everywhere here in Cornwall at the moment.  I love this time of year,  the hedgerows are overflowing with flowers, everything looks beautiful and it's so easy to forget that it was ever winter.  We are well into pink and purple flower season now as you can tell.


I did also manage to get some stitching done last week.  I am working on a new pattern, that comprises of two designs that sit well together, inspired by flowers and butterflies.  I've kept the girl very simple and then embellished with lots of flowers and butterflies.


I was enticed by quite muted colours for these two hoops (I am in love with DMC 3726 and DMC 316 at the moment) but I think they would look nice in bright colours or pastels too.

There was a bit of a gap between posts over May, it turned into a very busy month with a lot of exam stress as my youngest is doing her final A level exams but I should be back to more regular blogging now.

I hope you are all enjoying the seasons (whichever you may be in) and having a little time for stitching