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new Kitty colour ways, kits and panels and autumn


I would like to say I'm sorry I've been away because I've been so busy but the truth is we have had a long long dry summer with warm weather and we are lucky enough to live in Cornwall.  Usually August is wet and I get lots of work done but this year I got lots of sea swimming and walking and beach stitching and sketching done but not so much sitting at the computer work done!  In fact the sun has come back to us over the last few days so we are experiencing a little bit of a second summer (although not quite as warm).  


With lots of time for stitching I decided to stitch a couple of new colour ways for my 'Kitty' embroidery pattern (which Etsy tells me is a 'best seller'!)  I thought I would pop the colours on my blog for anyone who has the pattern and fancies stitching it up in different colours.

This is the pinks version because this is lilipopo and pinks are irresistible to me.

DMC 3350 - a delicious red pink

DMC 3354 - a mid pink

DMC 3713 - a pale pink

DMC 758 - peach for a peachy kitten

DMC 453 - a very pale beige

DMC 451 - my usual brown

DMC3053 - a lovely soft green

Scarf second colour

a close up of the hat so you can see how the colours were used.

Full blue pic

And then the blues, although if you look carefully there is a little bit of pink in there.

DMC 926 - a darkish softish blue

DMC 927 - a mid blue

DMC 3023 - another lovely grey green

DMC 677 - a soft straw like yellow

DMC 3713 - that ubiquitous pale pink

DMC 453 - light beige

DMC 451 - brown

Hair outline

These were stitched onto the Kitty printed fabric panels (so no pattern transferring) they are printed in a very light grey so the lines do not show through the soft colours.

In the next couple of weeks I will be offering these as kits with an option for either blue or pink and with instructions for backing the hoop with felt.


I have also finally got some linen/cotton mix lavender girl kits available.  The fabric is nice and soft, quite thick and the weave is more open than the cotton.  They are also a more natural colour rather than white which I love.  I am running low on the soft pink one on the left but I will be trying to put a couple more in the shop next week.

I have been doing a lot of sketching over the summer and have a folder full of ideas for patterns that I am quite excited about, they will be arriving over the next few months one at a time!

I'm also going to try to have more of the patterns available as printed panels and kits for those who prefer them.

and now it's my favourite time of year with longer evenings and autumnal fruits. The blackberries are picked, I actually think Jason did pick all the blackberries, they are all in our freezer if anyone is looking for them.  I pottered around in the sunshine sketching flowers and taking photographs but then I make all of the blackberry and apple crumbles (he's also been scrumping apples).

Time for stitching in the cosy evenings with hot chocolate and apple and blackberry crumble.

I hope you are enjoying the season that you are in whether it's cosying down for the winter or starting to venture back out into the sunshine.