new Kitty colour ways, kits and panels and autumn
an embroidered spring moth

autumn almost winter

Hot chocolate lilipopo

Autumn has been here for a little while, in fact we are heading towards winter although it still feels mild.  Last week the sun shone and the sea looked swimmable, I couldn't quite bring myself to get in but J braved it and enjoyed it.

Now I'm enjoying drinking oat milk hot chocolate and stitching Putting up the tree for a kit while listening to Ruth Rendell on an audio book.


I have also been learning new things on Adobe illustrator so I can improve and simplify some aspects of my patterns.  I will admit that this was more fun than I expected it to be!  Creating colour diagrams with the colours of the threads underneath.  Illustrator is something I have learnt along the way, it can be a little time consuming to learn the things I need to know but it's always worth it in the end.  I'm so happy with the colour diagrams.

A small number of 'Kitty' kits will be on sale tomorrow evening along with kits for 'a quiet place to read'.  If they sell out then they will be available for pre order for mid November


The kits have slightly different instructions to the pattern for 'a quiet place', the petals of the large flowers are backstitched rather than made with large detached chain stitches.  This is something you could do, if you prefer, with the pattern.  The main reason is that the lines on the printed panels are not removable and I thought back stitch would give better coverage.

Transferring patterns 024

Hallowe'en is rapidly approaching so if you fancy a bit of spooky stitching you could take a look at Swoodson says blog post showcasing some super cute hallowe'en embroidery patterns.  She kindly included my 'feeling witchy' and 'pastels and pumpkins' designs but there are lots more to see including the cutest little free ghost pattern from flamingo toes.

Now back to my Christmas stitching as the Christmas kits will be out at the end of next week.  They will be limited in number but I do also still have printed panels available if you would like to choose your own colour palette.