autumn almost winter
Pink mermaid colourway

an embroidered spring moth

Moths all three

It has been such a long time since I last wrote here, an unexpected break.  At first it was caused by getting caught up in Christmas busyness and then a long slow start to 2019.  

Last year, when I shared a picture of my little pincushion I had quite a few requests for a pattern or kit for it.  So, months later, I have designed a pattern for it along with a couple of other possible colour palettes.  It could be made up into a pincushion or a lavender bag or even a panel on a little purse.

Blue moth

Kits are more of a difficulty because I really like this design on the Robert Kaufman essex linen (in either natural or linen).  The design is very small (only about 7.5cm (3") tall) so I have ordered a screen from thermofax screens and I am about to have a go at screen printing the design onto the fabric. 

I think this could take quite a bit of experimenting to get the right colour for the lines, not so dark that they show through, not so light that you can't see them to stitch, but I am quite excited by the possibility of producing kits using my favourite fabrics.

Moth pinkish pin cushion flatlay

This little pin cushion is very simple to stitch and really you could just use your favourite colours.  You could add a little ribbon loop (and lavender) to make it into a lavender bag.  I used danjo liberty tana lawn

While I was stitching it the weather was beautifully spring like, it has now turned and feels as though we are heading back into winter but a bit of spring stitching can help to remind us that spring will come back.  And if you are heading into autumn and winter right now you could try some nice autumnal colours on a natural linen.


and here is one of my sample pincushions in action in my chaotic sewing tin.  I like to thread a few needles before I start stitching so I can swap quickly between them so I use the cushion to hold the needles.  They are also supposed to be in order of size but not always!

Caravan full picture

I am now working on a kit for my little caravan embroidery design.  There will also be a printed panel on white cotton.  I am hoping to have this available before the end of the month.

You can find the spring moth embroidery pattern here

and you can find the little caravan embroidery pattern here

I will be back next week with news (good or bad) about my screen printing experiments

Have a lovely week