Pink mermaid colourway
a purple unicorn

IMG-9468 (1)

I think I have spent a large part of this summer trying to keep kits in stock.  In between the sea swimming and dog walking of course!  I have discovered that I love screen printing, I didn't expect it to be fun but it is so I'm thinking of creating more designs along the lines of the lavender girls.  There are more lavender girl kits in stock at the moment after a few days of printing and packing. 

IMG-9469 (1)

It's sometimes difficult to find a balance between all the admin, printing and packing that goes into the kits and actually designing new work but this September is going to be devoted to designing.  I have lots of rough sketches and ideas but haven't really had the time to work on them properly so next month is officially designated 'design month'.  

This is going to be made a little easier as my youngest is going away to university in early September and I will have no one to chat to over cups of tea in the afternoons!  So I will immerse myself in drawing and stitching until they all come home to roost at Christmas.  Before I make you all feel too sorry for me I will probably still go out testing vegan cake in the cafes of the area with my cafe testing accomplice as she is not going anywhere. 

And, of course, Ash the whippet will still need walking so I don't think I'll be fully hibernating, although he is refusing to walk in the rain (which is quite okay with me!)

So on rainy non coffee drinking days I will be found cosied up here drawing and stitching.  I'm quite looking forward to the autumn.

I hope you're enjoying whichever season you are in and getting a little bit of stitching done.