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November 2019

a purple unicorn


I recently stitched up my unicorn pattern in purples and pinks and had quite a few requests for the colour palette.  I was trying out some of the lovely etoile threads from DMC.  They have a subtle glittery effect but are so much easier to stitch with than either the glitter or satin threads.  I loved using them.  The threads are marked with a 'c' before the number and the colours correspond to colours that already exist.  So, for example I used 603, a pink thread and c603, the equivalent etoile thread in the same colour.


So here is the colour palette

The main body of the unicorn is stitched using backstitch and DMC 209

The hooves are backstitched using DMC 603

The mane and tail are stitched using stem stitch and a mix (one thread of each) of DMC 210 and DMC 26

The horn is stitched using stem stitch and DMC c603 (an etoile thread)


The fern braiding is stitched using fern stitch and DMC 603 (plain not etoile)

The french knots on the braiding are stitched using etoile blanc (white)

the stars on the unicorn are stitched using c603

The stars in the sky are a mix of DMC 3350, DMC c603 

The flower heads  are stitched using a mix of DMC 3350 and DMC 603 (plain threads)

The ferns are stitched using DMC 503 and fern stitch

Finally the flower stalks were stitched using a single strand of DMC 3052 or DMC 471 (I did a few stalks in each)

I also added a few little stitches to the stalks as leaves.


this is the colour list

etoile threads

DMC c603

DMC etoile blanc (white)

Normal DMC threads

DMC 603 pink

DMC 600 pink

DMC 3350 red pink

DMC 209 purple

DMC 210 purple

DMC 26 light purple

I used 2 strands apart from the flower stalks.

I stitched the unicorn on a pre-printed panel (no transferring required).  It is available in my Etsy shop 

If you are happy to transfer the pattern yourself it is available here

It's a very easy pattern to stitch and suitable for a child or beginner.