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wintering and split stitch

IMG_0343 (2)

January is a month for dreaming and planning, warm winter woollies and hot coffee.  This inspired the newest lilipopo embroidery pattern 'winter coffee'. 

I love the winter months for drawing and stitching, once the dog walk is done I can make myself a coffee and cosy up on the sofa and sketch or stitch the day away.  At least for some of the days of the week.  The computer part of pattern making is a little less romantic!

For this pattern I have used my usual back stitch but I have also introduced quite a bit of split stitch.  I have been loving split stitch recently, it gives such a nice texture to things like hair

IMG_0200 (2)

and butterfly wings (the kits I am working on at the moment)

Split stitch finished

It's a nice simple stitch to do and I find it quite therapeutic once I get a rhythm going.  

I have tended to use two strands, you can use as many as you like but I do prefer an even number.

Follow the lines of the shape you are stitching.  I like to make a few separate rows of split stitch and then fill in between them.

You begin with a stitch

Split stitch fill 1

Now you are going to bring your needle up between the two strands of that stitch about half way along

Split stitch 2

now take your needle down about half a stitch length from the end of the first stitch

Split stitch 3Split stitch 4

Now you are going to bring your needle up between the two strands of that stitch about half way (at the end of the previous stitch)

Split stitch 5

and you continue in this way...

Split stitch 6

I like to leave a gap and create a few separate lines and then fill in between them keeping them very close.

Here is a link to Jenny Hart's fab video for 5 basic stitches including split stitch

My winter coffee embroidery pattern can be found here 

The spring  moth kits should be ready for March and spring (once the storms are over)