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free princess and unicorn embroidery pattern

IMG_1718 (2)

Here is the completed free unicorn and princess embroidery pattern along with a colouring page for anyone who would like to do a bit of colouring in.

princess and unicorn embroidery pattern

I used a white linen but you can also use cotton.  If your fabric feels a little flimsy then once you have traced the design put a second piece of fabric behind it and stitch through both layers.  I am using a 7" embroidery hoop but you can use whatever you have.

I have tried to keep the stitching fairly basic but you can try out other stitches.

If you have never transferred a pattern before please head over here to find out how

transferring a pattern

If you don't have a frixion pen (or other embroidery pen) you can use a pencil just make sure it is sharp and that your lines are very light so you will cover them with your stitching.

You don't have to trace everything.  I tend to trace the main lines and shapes and add the details by copying the design rather than tracing every single line.  So for example for the ferns on the unicorn's legs I would just trace the main lines not all the little leaf lines.

I have used quite bright pastels so that the stitching shows up well for the photographs but you can use whatever colours you have.  I think it would look great stitched in blacks and greys.

I have a tutorial for backstitch


and french knots 


There is a fabulous sublime stitching video for 5 basic stitches (including backstitch and stem stitch)


I'm sorry for all the links but hopefully they will all work!  Tomorrow I will be back with stitching notes for the princess riding the unicorn.

I also have a colouring page of the unicorn and princess that has more detail in it

unicorn and princess colouring page

There is also this colouring page from a few years ago

garden girl colouring page

I hope these help pass a little time and maybe help with a little bit of destressing too.