Birthday 1

it was my birthday last week and, probably because birthdays can get a little worrying in your forties!! I was most very spoilt!  Meals cooked for me, lazing around the house and not a stitch was sewn that day

Birthday d

I was also treated by my lovely daughter (although I had to email for it!) to an absolutely gorgeous pencil case from the lovely fiona T.  It is most fabulous and fits all of my pens with room for some more!!

Birthday a

and then there were the books!

Birthday c

I am something of a book a holic

Birthday b

and a craft a holic so I will blog about these books as we use them

Birthday 4

but this was my most favourite book of all.  Emily Dickinson's poetry.  She is not a poet I had paid much attention to, I knew a couple of her more famous poems but that was all.  I was sauntering around the library looking for something to read when I found a biography about her 'lives like loaded guns'.  The biography was fascinating and I found i just loved her poetry so J thoughtfully bought me this copy of her complete works.


and then summer came and everything stopped for a day of kayaking, swimming, relaxing and forgetting quite how hot the sun is in July and getting burnt


so now I'm back indoors planning

Stitching forever

and sewing up a storm for the big craft fair over here


and a little bit of lovely fairy sewing for a commission

I will be away from this lovely space for a couple of weeks while my sister is here and we all behave as though we're on holiday beaching and eating ice creams.  I hope you all enjoy the heat wave (if you're in England) or whatever season you are in at the moment