new Kitty colour ways, kits and panels and autumn


I would like to say I'm sorry I've been away because I've been so busy but the truth is we have had a long long dry summer with warm weather and we are lucky enough to live in Cornwall.  Usually August is wet and I get lots of work done but this year I got lots of sea swimming and walking and beach stitching and sketching done but not so much sitting at the computer work done!  In fact the sun has come back to us over the last few days so we are experiencing a little bit of a second summer (although not quite as warm).  


With lots of time for stitching I decided to stitch a couple of new colour ways for my 'Kitty' embroidery pattern (which Etsy tells me is a 'best seller'!)  I thought I would pop the colours on my blog for anyone who has the pattern and fancies stitching it up in different colours.

This is the pinks version because this is lilipopo and pinks are irresistible to me.

DMC 3350 - a delicious red pink

DMC 3354 - a mid pink

DMC 3713 - a pale pink

DMC 758 - peach for a peachy kitten

DMC 453 - a very pale beige

DMC 451 - my usual brown

DMC3053 - a lovely soft green

Scarf second colour

a close up of the hat so you can see how the colours were used.

Full blue pic

And then the blues, although if you look carefully there is a little bit of pink in there.

DMC 926 - a darkish softish blue

DMC 927 - a mid blue

DMC 3023 - another lovely grey green

DMC 677 - a soft straw like yellow

DMC 3713 - that ubiquitous pale pink

DMC 453 - light beige

DMC 451 - brown

Hair outline

These were stitched onto the Kitty printed fabric panels (so no pattern transferring) they are printed in a very light grey so the lines do not show through the soft colours.

In the next couple of weeks I will be offering these as kits with an option for either blue or pink and with instructions for backing the hoop with felt.


I have also finally got some linen/cotton mix lavender girl kits available.  The fabric is nice and soft, quite thick and the weave is more open than the cotton.  They are also a more natural colour rather than white which I love.  I am running low on the soft pink one on the left but I will be trying to put a couple more in the shop next week.

I have been doing a lot of sketching over the summer and have a folder full of ideas for patterns that I am quite excited about, they will be arriving over the next few months one at a time!

I'm also going to try to have more of the patterns available as printed panels and kits for those who prefer them.

and now it's my favourite time of year with longer evenings and autumnal fruits. The blackberries are picked, I actually think Jason did pick all the blackberries, they are all in our freezer if anyone is looking for them.  I pottered around in the sunshine sketching flowers and taking photographs but then I make all of the blackberry and apple crumbles (he's also been scrumping apples).

Time for stitching in the cosy evenings with hot chocolate and apple and blackberry crumble.

I hope you are enjoying the season that you are in whether it's cosying down for the winter or starting to venture back out into the sunshine.






I've been busy over the last few weeks with a lot of admin type work and testing out printed panels but in between all of that I have been doing a little bit of sketching and this little pattern came out of it all.  Butterfly girls is two embroidery patterns that would sit together nicely in either a 5" or a 6" frame (I've shown both in the picture).  I've kept the stitching deliberately simple so the most difficult stitch is a french knot, most of the rest is back stitch, satin stitch or couching and a little bit of fern stitch.


I tried out a few colourways for this pattern but in the end I liked these muted soft colours the most so both patterns share most of the colours.  This one is a little more rose pink


and this one has more of a blue green feel to it.  I loved keeping the girl simple so I could get carried away with all the flowers and butterflies.  I just love embellishing.  I did stop myself though so it's not too busy (I hope!).

The butterfly girl pattern is available in my Etsy shop over here

Now I'm thinking about winter patterns, which seems so strange when summer feels as though it's only just beginning.  I find it easier to work in the late evenings so I can forget the season I am in for a while as it's still quite cool here in the evenings.  It's difficult for me to think of anything but flowers at the moment!  Perhaps I will try knitting something, that always feels a bit wintry.

I'm looking forward to this weekend as it is our  Golowan festival which is always full of lots of inspiring costumes and creatures in the processions through the town along with lots of lovely stalls and music and it looks like sunshine too!

But my very favourite part is the Serpent dance late tonight after the fire works with the slightly scary 'oss.

So I will be dancing tonight and enjoying the sunshine tomorrow (hopefully).  I hope you have some lovely weekend plans too whether you are in Summer or Winter.



A weekend holiday


This weekend was my middle 6ft3 'child's' 21st birthday.  I only have one left under 18 and not for very much longer!  We hired a car (we don't have a car, we love walking, trains and bikes usually) and took local trips that we can't always do.  Saturday was spent at Sennen beach with a surfboard, body boards and an evening picnic with friends watching the sun go down over the sea.  A beautiful way to spend the evening before his birthday.


Sunday afternoon (the poor boy had to work in the morning, saving for college) was spent at the most beautiful place in the whole of Cornwall (well we think so), Nanjizal cove.  It even has a beautiful name! Lovely family time and lemon drizzle birthday cake.


There are flowers everywhere here in Cornwall at the moment.  I love this time of year,  the hedgerows are overflowing with flowers, everything looks beautiful and it's so easy to forget that it was ever winter.  We are well into pink and purple flower season now as you can tell.


I did also manage to get some stitching done last week.  I am working on a new pattern, that comprises of two designs that sit well together, inspired by flowers and butterflies.  I've kept the girl very simple and then embellished with lots of flowers and butterflies.


I was enticed by quite muted colours for these two hoops (I am in love with DMC 3726 and DMC 316 at the moment) but I think they would look nice in bright colours or pastels too.

There was a bit of a gap between posts over May, it turned into a very busy month with a lot of exam stress as my youngest is doing her final A level exams but I should be back to more regular blogging now.

I hope you are all enjoying the seasons (whichever you may be in) and having a little time for stitching





catching up

Photo (1)

February is usually not my favourite month, full of grey days and so long for such a short month.  But, this year seems different.  Every dog walk this month seems to have brought different weather and there has been grey and plenty of wet and wind but all punctuated with beautiful sunny days that make me feel as though spring is already here.  Our regular walk takes us to a nature reserve at Marazion; the ponds there seem full of bird life, herons, snipe, Canada geese, grebe, egrets and even the everyday mallard.  There are more gulls along the way, herring gulls, black backed gulls and black headed gulls.  We even have a friendly black redstart who lives in the rocks at the start of the path.  Sadly my camera is not quite up to photographing birds at a distance.  I'm really enjoying the repetition of our walk, noticing the subtle changes and learning to recognize some of the smaller birds we see along the way.

Photo (2)

On the sunniest day I took the afternoon off and sauntered around the marshes with the boy watching the birds and enjoying the sun while it lasted with no stitching and no computer in sight.  What a perfect way to spend time, I feel so lucky to be able to do it.


Last week, after soaking black beans for a chilli, I remembered that I had read somewhere that I could dye with the soaking water so I grabbed two jars put black bean water in one and tea in the other then popped a piece of linen and a piece of bandage into each jar.  I put them on the windowsill and forgot about them.  these are the colours that came out.  I should add that I haven't mordanted them so while the tea fabric will probably be okay I suspect the black bean might fade in too much light.  

I am going to start a little slow stitching project with them using the beautiful Linblomman linen threads that I bought in Falmouth.  A  perfect project now the weather has decided to go back to bitter wintery cold again!  I'm looking forward to getting back in from a cold Sunday dog walk and sitting with a cup of tea and my stitching.

Bunnies no frost

I am feeling rather pleased with myself for being a little ahead of the game for a change with my Easter spring pattern all ready and in my shop this week!!  

The pattern is a very simple one that I love framed in the hoop but I think would look lovely on a little Easter bag too.  

I have also been spending a little (possibly too much) time on pinterest this week gathering beautiful pictures of stitchy goodness and some stitch tutorials  Are you a pinterest addict too?  I think I could lose myself for quite a long time in pinterest land!

This coming week I'm going to be focusing on some flower stitching and a little bit of unicorn stitching along with quite a bit of drawing for a project that I am quite excited about.  

I hope you are enjoying your February and finding some cosy  (or cool depending on where you are) stitching time



dog walking in winter


we are going through a very wet and misty period at the moment in West Cornwall.  Familiar places become unfamiliar but strangely beautiful and every dog walk feels like an atmospheric adventure.  So I thought I would share a little of our greys, reds and greens today


swarms of herring gulls, black headed gulls, turn stones and sanderlings line the edges of the water looking for food


and the colours!  I love the colours at this time of year.  I love the moorland reds and greens far more than the summery st Ives blues.  


and then one day a dog walk in a different direction, just for a change.  The fishing boats at Newlyn harbour on our way to Mousehole along the coastal path.


This is Ash the whippet (for dog lovers!) who accompanies us on our long daily treks into the wilderness.


And this is Teague the strange middle son who forms the rest of the dog walking team and took all the beautiful photos @teague_popovski

The best thing about our dog walks at this time of year is definitely getting home to a warm space and frothy coffee with a little bit of stitching waiting

I hope you are enjoying your outside spaces whatever the weather


a romantic and windswept day off

Bodmin 029

we have just finished reading Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier so yesterday we took the day off and headed to Bodmin Moor to retrace the steps of the wicked Vicar of Altarnun and the poor kidnapped Mary Yellan

Bodmin 015

we climbed Rough Tor (admittedly the weather was a little less 'atmospheric' than it was in the book!)

Bodmin 022

and we looked down from the top over the moor, it was utterly stunning and surprisingly refreshing to be wind swept for the day

Bodmin 066

and lots and lots of wonderful mushrooms/toadstools

Bodmin 072

absolutely everywhere

perfect fairy habitation 

off to sketch some mushroomy fairy worlds I think 


it's been a while!


Oh my! I really don't know where the time goes sometimes, I blink and it's been two weeks since my last post.

This time of year has a tendency to get a little hectic.  We start trying to create a routine after the long summer months, not the easiest of tasks.  And  we start to spend time with home ed friends again, learning together.  On top of that christmas commissions start creeping in and I have a million ideas that I don't have time to get down on paper!  And finally we are out enjoying the autumn any time it's not raining.  Autumn is a wonderful time in Cornwall, a little less busy and hot so we can walk further and such beautiful colours on the moors.   I will have to take a camera out with us!

I know that all this will calm down, our routine will settle and there will be time for everything but right now it's hard to imagine.

Skipping girl small

I have managed to finish a new pattern and I'm rather fond of these two little girls.  It started with a skipping rope


and then a hula hoop came along.  I did ask my facebook followers how many of us can still hula, it turns out I'm not the only one who is put to shame by a young daughter!

Hula skip collage

all of this along with gorgeous liberty phoebe fabric made me very happy.

I love playground games and still have hopscotch and blind man's buff spinning round in my head.

These designs are for 4" hoops and make perfect pocket money purses, reminding me of  the days when we saved up for a skipping rope or a hula hoop, or even a pogo stick!

I find it impossible to think about christmas themes at this time of year, I hate to wish away the autumn, it's my favourite season.

I won't leave it so long next time

and I hope you're all enjoying the season, whichever it may be.


this week's excuse...

Annis birthday blog

I am very conscious of poor blogging habits in the summer this year!  Partly it's because (unlike last year) this year we have a summer!!  But recently it was a 13th birthday in the house and a houseful of cousins (and my sister).  Unfortunately this was accompanied by quite a lot of poorlyness!  Including Annis's birthday!

But the day everyone felt better we took the open top 300 bus service for  a most wonderful day trip

St ives 001

cousin one, the main instigator of the singing (???) and the one who welcomed everyone to the top deck of 'the fun bus'

St ives 060

the top deck of the fun bus before the rain (not that the rain deterred the children from staying up there!)

St ives 021

the route

St ives 033

arriving at lands end

Lands end

a very dramatic lands end

St ives 051

two more cousins having a happy time

St ives 065

The girl cousins with attitude!

This day trip was fabulous, everyone enjoyed it and I thoroughly recommend the open top bus if you ever visit Cornwall, although you may not get the singing and 'welcomed to the fun bus' if we're not there!

I must credit my son Teague for the great photos too.

He is also responsible for Annis's favourite birthday card.   He asked me what to draw on her card and I suggested unicorns as she loves unicorns.  He looked for five minutes for a horse book to help him draw a unicorn, gave up and drew this instead

Unicorn poo

explained inside the card

Unicorn poo inside


I promise to be back with sewing later in the week, once I am all caught up and the illness is finally banished from our house!

I have plans for an organized blog, in fact I have plans for an organized life but we'll see!!!

Naughty internets and birthdays


Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.  On my birthday the internets broke!!  At first we thought it was all of the internets but then realized it was our very old sad livebox.  The man on the phone promised to send us a new shiny bright box!!!  But this would not come for nearly a week so we were internet free! 

PicMonkey Collage

despite the lack of computer (or perhaps because of!)  I had a lovely birthay with wonderful presents 


a beautiful hot day spent mostly in and around the sea


even Ash stepped daintily into the water (it was exceptionally hot!)


Annis made this lovely origami and calligraphy picture for my work wall


and the funniest David Shrigley card ever from Jason, apparently I need to put it on my work desk and just point to it whenever I am interrupted (most of the day really!)

In celebration of my birthday and our lovely new bright box I have a coupon for 20% off in my Etsy shop for any purchases of £5 or over.  (The kits are not included).  So if you would like to use the discount just use the code BRIGHTBOXBLOG when you purchase.

The discount code will stay there until Friday (I'm not sure when on Friday as Etsy seems to control that!)

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend with or without internets!!


wordless wednesday with words and weekending too!!


I'm a bit behind with my blogging but you see it's here!!  Finally we have summer sunshine!

We are so afraid that it might disappear again that we are trying to be out in it (well not in the hottest bit as we would probably frazzle, it's so long since we've seen the sun) most of the time.


a bit of stitching is happening on the beach


But if I'm honest there's a lot more swimming and barbequeing and dozing going on!


You will know when it starts raining as I will be back here with embroidery pics!!

Hope you're all having lovely days too