it was a lot like this at the weekend, I don't know where the sun has gone!  Surfing didn't happen due to coughs and snuffles but middle son did join the local cycling club on Sunday for a 36 mile bike ride.  Apparently there were an awful lot of hills and definitely quite a bit of rain

Jason pics 012

I don't know where these children of mine get their hardiness, I can only assume they got all my mum's northern blood and I must have my dad's macedonian blood because all I want is a nice mediterranean climate with warm sea!!

Knitting 005

which gives a good clue as to what I was doing at the weekend (indoors and cosy).  I finished J's hat and he's so pleased with it that he has gone to work wearing it, which means I haven't photographed it.  This is the beginning of my own hat in a blue heathery cascade yarn.  I have to say I love this pattern.  It is my most successful piece of knitting in that I have had requests from children for the same hats.  It is also lovely to knit, just interesting enough to keep me from getting bored but not so complicated that I can't watch David Attenborough's Africa while I'm knitting. The pattern is called dustland hat and is by west knits here.

I downloaded some Trollope onto the kindle (for free!!) for some cosy reading. I love 19th century literature, I think it's all the rules, good manners, conversation and letter writing.

Laure Berthaud_crop_resize

and I was desperately keen to watch the new series of spiral but we didn't have time so I am waiting patiently to catch up on the first two episodes.  In all honesty it's usually so complicated I could probably watch them secretly now and still watch them again with J later without giving anything away.

I hope you all had lovely cosy or (if you prefer) cold wet outdoorsy times this weekend.  Perhaps a little bit of both